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How to get Club News

We use five ways to spread Club News such as courses and cancelled classes:

1. Announcements in class

2. A monthly e-News sent by email to those who are on the distribution list. This list is a automated system and you may subscribe here. When you join us and provide a email address (exc Juniors) we will add you if you haven't already subscribed.


3. Using Twitter @aikidotraff is more about pushing information / news out than using it to interact.


4. Using Facebook - Trafford Aikido

5. WhatsApp Group for members 18 and over. To apply email Andrew. The Group will only be used about the Club and Aikido. Be aware others in the Group can see your mobile number.

Email -


The Junior Section for important notices will hand out a note at the end of class.

Our Association the Lancashire Aikikai uses:

a. Subscribe to their occassional emails.. When you join us and provide a email address we will add you if you haven't already subscribed. (exc Juniors)


b. @lancaikikai


c. Facebook LancashireAikikai


So we suggest you select the best way(s) you like to receive information from us now.

Want stuff to stop

The email lists are automated - you can unsubcribe yourself - details at the footer of each email.

Twitter - you stop following us

Facebook - you Stop Liking / Follow

WhatsApp - you delete yourself from the Group

Google Calendars

Both the Club and the Lancashire Aikikai use Google Calendars that you can subscribe to.

The addresses for subscribing to the Calendars - Click here

The Club Calendar carries the class details and club events; the Aikikai calendar carries course information


We use @traffordaikido as a Twitter account we interact with to interest new people to the Club. @aikidotraff is just a push account with Club News.